Smart Heating made easy.

Whether at home or on the road, at work or on vacation – thanks to the visuaControl you always keep track of your heating system. Have the current measured values and parameters displayed, set parameters and change if necessary. Conveniently accessing your heating system from anywhere while also saving money!

All data can be accessed online via computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV using any Internet browser. Installing additional software is no longer necessary.




The visuaControl automatically connects to the server in order to display the current measured values and parameters of your heating system. The key benefit is that the data is available very quickly and is always up to date.

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User friendly

New technologies are meant to make our lives easier. Therefore, great emphasis has been placed on the usability during the development of our software.

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Well thought out

Our visuaControl extends the range of functions of your heating system. A perfect combination of all these functions allows an even simpler and more efficient operation, leaving some room for further innovative ideas and developments.

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All your heating system data is transmitted via an encrypted connection and stored in secured data centres. Thus, unauthorized access by a third party is prevented.

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Convenience and a great Design

Not only the operation of the visuaControl is easy, but so is the installation of the device. The commissioning does not require any expert knowledge or help from a professional either. Measured values and parameters are retrieved automatically updated at specified intervals. Mean values are calculated (e.g. average daily outside temperature). All these values are clearly visualized using the software we developed.

Automated notifications

Thanks to the option of automated alerts via SMS* or e-mail you are not required to constantly monitor your heating system anymore. Thus, you will be automatically notified, e.g. when it is time to refuel or if an error occurs. You can choose yourself if and when you wish to be notified.

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Always up to date

Since there is no additional software required when using our visuaControl, our customers also do not need to keep any software updated. If new features are available, they are displayed automatically, which allows our customers to always use the latest software.



You can always count on our visuaControl!

Always up to date data

The visuaControl automatically connects to the server and therefore always delivers the latest data.

Always up to date notifications

Be immediately informed about important events concerning your heating system (refuelling, errors…). The automated notifications are optionally adjustable. This makes a constant monitoring of your heating system unnecessary.

Always up to date software

There is no troublesome downloading or updating of software necessary anymore. Since the majority of the software is running on our servers, we take care of keeping it updated. Users of our visuaControl can therefore make use of the latest software and possible new features – without any effort.




User friendly

Easy handling without expert knowledge!

An easy to operate device and data that is presented clearly.

The visuaControl is characterized by its convenient handling. The installation and commissioning of the unit can be easily performed without any expert knowledge.

Also, the operation of the software is manageable with only little computer skills.

visuaControl Help Page

If you have questions regarding the use of visuaControl, you can find detailed information on

Reliable Customer Service

Service and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. A trouble-free operation of our devices keeps our customers satisfied. If any questions occur or if you have any concerns, our team is here to assist you. Please contact us at

In the case of an error, the data recorded by the visuaControl and the complete overview of your heating system help us to resolve support cases fast.

Well thought out

All functions at a glance!

Through a variety of additional features you can now operate your heating system easier and more efficiently.

Overall view of the system

The home screen features a list of all aggregates as well as an overview of your entire heating system.

Current measured values and parameters

All measured values and parameters are retrieved and updated automatically at specified intervals.

Changing parameters

Changing parameters is possible at any time and from any Internet enabled device.

Data recording

All data is stored for a certain period of time. This allows you to view detailed profiles of your heating system.


Get notified via SMS (fees apply*) or e-mail when you can, for instance, refuel, in case of an error or any other incident. Notifications are optional.

Platform independent

Whether by phone, tablet, computer or Smart TV – It is now possible to access your heating system with any Internet enabled device. All you need is a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).

Facilitated Support

In the case of errors, any problems can be resolved quickly with the help of data records and the overview of the entire heating system.

In addition, we are already working on the enhancement and continuous optimization of our products. For one reason: Our visuaControl offers a lot of potential for future projects.






Your security is our priority!

All displayed data of your heating system is stored on secure servers in data centers (Cloud), where a replication of your system is created. When retrieving your system data this replication is accessed.

Communication is always handled via the server and visuaControl – a direct access to your controllers is therefore not possible. Together with modern data encryption the highest level of safety possible for both – you and us – is provided.

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Technical Information

Mode of operation

When requested by the server the visuaControl retrieves measured values and parameters of the controllers via bus, processes it and sends the encrypted data to the visuaControl server. This server processes the data and creates a replication of the system. This replication can then be queried at any time, visualized and modified.

System requirements


We recommend a broadband Internet connection with unlimited traffic. Otherwise, there may be limitations or additional costs through your provider.

DHCP Server
at least 1 compatible Controller List of compatible devices
a modern  web browser: visuaControl is optimized for Firefox


Article number visuaControl: vis-0001
Dimensions 140mm x 74mm x 34mm
Model number visuaControl-110
Stromaufnahmemax. 180mA
Supply 14VDC to 21VDC via CAN-Bus
Product weight incl. Packaging 0,2 kg

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