Biomass – the Future

With our controllers nothing stands in the way of optimized combustions.

Biomass is versatile and created day by day, which makes it a sustainable source of energy in the long run. Biomass in the form of wood logs is the oldest fuel used for heat production.

Our controllers are specialized for the regulation of log boilers. We ourselves heat with wood resulting in many years of hands-on experience in this field. By incorporating the knowledge we gained into the development process of our products we managed to make them ideally attuned to our customers´ practical requirements.

Up-to- date Lambda-probe controllers ensure a clean combustion – even with varying fuel qualities (type of wood, water content, size of logs). The Lambda probe measures the residual oxygen content in the flue gas. Hence, the amount of secondary air required for the combustion can be calculated and fed into the combustion chamber in accurate doses achieving a highly efficient combustion process and a minimum of pollutant emissions.

The use of wood logs as a source of energy holds numerous advantages:

  • Low fuel costs
    Firewood is inexpensive and prices are stable.
  • Local & Secure
    Wood is a raw material from our region that is always available. Many households supply themselves with wood as fuel which makes them independent from external energy suppliers.
  • Climate protection
    Wood is a CO2 neutral energy source. This means that the amount of CO2 released during the combustion of wood is the same amount a tree absorbs from the atmosphere during its growth. Thus, using wood as fuel helps to slow down global warming.
  • Convenience through High-Tech
    Thanks to a lot of features, such as the fuel calculation (BSB), the automatic ignition or the visualization of the heating system, our products offer a maximum of convenience.

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