Solar thermal energy – tried and trusted.

Invest in the future now by choosing a solar energy system! Conventional energy sources are limited and will become scarcer within the next years, leading to increased energy prices. Also, the use of fossil fuels causes significant health damage and harms the environment.

It is a whole different story with solar thermal energy. Without damaging our environment the sun delivers its energy free of charge. After the initial costs of investment the solar system stands out due to the low cost of operation.

The ideal combination: Firewood and Solar thermal energy

When using a log-wood heating system in combination with a solar system, the existing accumulator can be used to store the free solar energy. This makes your heating system even more efficient.

During the summer months and transitional seasons the solar system can generate enough power for the hot water supply and even the heating of the house (if solar panel is dimensioned appropriately). An operation of the boiler is not necessary during the summertime, which prolongs its service life, plus saves fuel. During the winter the log boiler is then used to burn wood, to release the energy trees capture from the sun.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Enhanced convenience
    During the sunny season there is no boiler operation required.
  • Cost savings
    When using solar energy the fuel consumption is reduced. Since solar thermal systems provide energy for free, they are a very advisable option in times of increasing energy prices.
  • Service life
    Due to the reduced amount of operating hours, the service life of a boiler is prolonged considerably.
  • Environmental protection
    A „Stop and Go“ operation of the boiler during the summer is avoided.

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