1. Generation

Solid Technology – simple and reliable.

Used in numerous households and tested for years – LambdaControl 1 and LambdaControl easy are the controllers of our 1. Generation.

This generation is the result of years of research and Logotherm´s knowledge based on that research.

The controllers can either be incorporated in the boiler system or mounted on to the boiler. Our 1. Generation controllers provide easy operation with text display – in several languages. All products are manufactured and tested according by directives of the European Union.

Controllers of the 1. Generation

LambdaControl 1 


Our well-tried controller LambdaControl 1 is perfect for heating systems with the following aggregates:

  • Wood Boiler
  • Accumulator
  • Hot Water Tank.

The LambdaControl 1 controller provides an active combustion air control with an O2 probe to optimize the emission values for different qualities and water content of fuel. He also has an integrated return flow temperature maintenance and accumulator control.

LambdaControl easy


Our controller LambdaControl easy is a descendant of the tried and tested LambdaControl 1 and is ideal for a wood boiler with accumulator.

The boiler is regulated by the flue gas temperature and the O2 value via damper actuators for the primary and secondary air. The combustion is carried out at the set flue gas temperature.

Automatic shutdown of the boiler: After the exhaustion of the fuel, the boiler can be shut down by using the flue gas temperature (TAG) or the O2 value (function is adjustable).

Switch off by O2: This should be the standard function, because the boiler does not cool down that fast. The residual coal facilitates a new combustion resulting in very low emissions.

 Spare Parts for the 1. Generation

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